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Russian Dating Scams: Tips on Detecting Them

  • When you are trying to find a Russian woman to date and to marry, you really need to be careful of the Russian dating scams that are out there. There are many of you foreign men who cannot tell if this is something that is a scam or not. Therefore, this is why you need to read this article on Russian dating scams to learn how to detect them.
  • One way to tell if the women on these sites are really Russian dating scams is by doing this. If you take a part of the profile and take a sentence and do a search, you will find that there are other sites that this girls profile is on. That is a sure fire way of knowing. Many of the profiles will not have the word am and things of that nature. These can really be an indicator.
  • Another indicator of Russian dating scams is that they fall in love with you quickly. While you might think that this is a good thing, it can really be a bad thing. The reason for this is because of the fact that most Russian women don’t fall in love that quick. Scamming women might actually fall in love within two to three weeks, but you will find that most women actually tend to not fall in love that quickly due to the fact that many of the Russian men they encounter do not treat them very well.
  • The other thing with Russian dating scams is that the women want to come to meet you. This can’t happen. Before they can get a visa to the United Kingdom, you have to visit Russia and fill out the proper paperwork.
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  • This would be your biggest way of knowing that they are up to no good and are only out to scam you in the end. They will tell you that you shouldn’t come to meet them. They will try to come up with every reason that they should come to your country and not you coming to theirs.
  • One other big way of knowing if this is one of those Russian dating scams or not is by how much information she is willing to give you. Now, you might wonder about this. Why would this be of importance? The reason fro this is because women who are partaking in Russian dating scams won’t give you an address or a phone number in which to contact her. Most times, you will find that these Russian dating scams take place on the free to register sites where the Russian girl can set up her own profile. Just as she tries.
  • Be very careful if she starts to ask you for money. The common lines that these women will tell men when they are using Russian dating scams is that they need more money to come to visit. They might also say that they need more money than what they supposedly have for their visa. This is not something that you have to pay. Therefore, just quit talking to her if you run into this. These are the things that can be a great indicator of Russian dating scams.
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